Lili's Proto Lab


Utrecht University aims to contribute to a better world and wants disciplines to strategically work together to solve increasingly complex scientific and societal challenges. Moving towards this goal, for the Science faculty, entails filling the gap between fundamental science and societal needs, and between theoretical concepts and demonstrable applications.

Lili’s Proto Lab (LPL) is a place for you to test your creative ideas and materialize them into a working prototype. From 3D printing and laser cutting to microfluidics and robotics, in the LPL you get to practice various prototyping methods and operate these tools. The LPL mentoring program helps your team in managing your prototyping process and brings you in touch with experts from across all disciplines at the Science faculty. Our ambition is to build a community of all those creative and enthusiastic people who like to learn by doing and all those who are willing to support them. By organizing training and mentoring projects, we support students, researchers, and student teams, in their challenge-based projects. We support projects from all UU strategic areas of fundamental science, education, open science, and sustainability. Our instruments are low-key and accessible for general use. In the LPL community, we share our most valuable assets: our ideas and our knowledge.


Planned activities:

  • Weekly meeting to create a hub
  • “Science café” to initiate knowledge sharing and create a community
  • Workbench for assembling the prototypes and ‘online booking’ instrument pool (The technicians will help and guide to think along in prototyping)
  • Hosting UU-wide challenges
  • Annual exhibition (to create outreach)